1. S

    Any former UNC basketball players signings upcoming?

    Interested in any UNC Tar Heel basketball players who might be doing signings anytime soon... (Mainly Stackhouse, Worthy, Perkins) any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. TriggerMike4727

    Any Joe Torre signings in the near future?

    Does anyone know if Torre is doing any signings in the near future? I have a project that I need him on in order to complete it. Thanks
  3. J

    Any Ray Allen signings coming up??

    does anybody know of any ray allen signings or does anybody have access to him??
  4. Kyle Young

    Free Signings at Mohegan Sun later this month

    Celebrate Our 15th Anniversary With These Free Signature Events! Free signings later this month at Mohegan, non-sports but pretty famous: Ronnie, Sammie and Deena from Jersey Shore Bobby Flay Todd English Buddy Valastro of Carlo's Bakery, "The Cake Boss" Katie Stevens...
  5. E

    Any upcoming Don Mattingly signings?

    anyone know of any?
  6. Shawn_E.

    Misc Houston, Texas Signings

    Astros Alumni Autograph Session Free alumni autograph session for those that purchased a ticket to the Saturday, September 24th game. Appearances by: Jesse Barfield, Ryan Bowen, Jerry Davanon, Larry Dierker, Benny Distefano, Bill Greif, Charles Hayes, Bill Heath, Xavier Hernandez, Art...
  7. H

    Any Upcoming Mike Schmidt Signings???

    Does anyone know of any Mike Schmidt signings coming up soon? Thanks
  8. H

    Any Mike Schmidt Signings coming up???

    Does anyone know of any Mike Schmidt signings coming up soon? Thanks -
  9. H

    Any Dr. J signings coming up?

    Hey Gang - I am interested in getting a Dr. J autograph with my son - does anyone know of any upcoming signings with him? Thanks
  10. W

    What signings going on this week in Detroit?

    Does anyone know of any signings in Detroit this week? I am heading up Sun for a week, just checking to see if anyone knows about any signings going on?
  11. S

    Jon Lester, David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez signings - Need all items in hand May 31st

    NEED ALL ITEMS IN HAND BY MAY 31ST - No exceptions Lester: $60/$70 Ortiz: $65/$75 Gonzalez: $75 The lower prices are for 8x10s, 11x14s mags, cards, balls. The higher price is 16x20s. No jerseys or bats. SASE requested as well PM if you want in. thanks TJ
  12. SoBrave

    Alexi Ramirez and Omar Vizquel Signings

    **** I will take all board member items for $3 a piece to help pay for gas **** Saturday, June 4, 2011 Event: ALEXEI RAMIREZ, OMAR VISQUEL (WHITE SOX) Where: Georgios Banquets & Comfort Inn - 8800 W. 159th St. (Orland Park, IL) Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM SidsGraphs Presents...
  13. Shawn_E.


    No outside items, buy a fathead and get it signed.
  14. R

    NBA Jam Session signings?

    Is there any listing or schedule of autographs signings at this weekend's NBA All Star Jam Session in LA? Can't seem to find anything substantial listed and am wondering whether it's worth my time. Thanks!
  15. psugator02

    South Florida signings

    Figured it was probably best to simply start a thread instead of creating a post every time I see something. Friday, January 21 The Wolfsonian–Fiu Presents ‘Greg Lemond: Breaking Speed Limits’ Public Talk by Three-Time Winner of the Tour de France Presented in Conjunction with ‘Speed Limits’...
  16. Rip8cp1

    March Signings - Chris Potter Sports

    BILL SINGER I will be conducting a private signing with Bill Singer on March 9th, 2011. I need all items by March 4th, 2011 Items will be mailed back by March 30th, 2011. For more information, please visit our website. No Hitter 7-20-1970 "Sing Sing" "The Singer Throwing Machine" 2x All...
  17. B

    Winter Warm Up/Millhouse AEP signings

    Is anyone on the board here accepting items for a nominal fee to take to either of these paid Pujols signings?
  18. T

    Roddy White, Lesean Mccoy, Jeremy Maclin signings

    This is in partnership with jermda. We at this time have all three players locked in to do signings in January. We just want to see how much interest we have on sportsgraphing. I know that Roddy White has not done a signing in a very long time and he has said that he hasnt signed at the hotel...
  19. xmartyx

    Lee High School signings...

    Still a couple months away, but I figured I'd inform people as soon as I got the information and give people plenty of time to get stuff ready. I'll be helping out once again. Same as the past: I charge nothing for my help, please send proper amount of money/postage, tag everything. There in no...
  20. C

    Some great signings coming up at Carls Cards in Philly...

    Former Philadelphia Flyer Tough Guy Dave "the hammer" Schultz Saturday @ Nov 27, 2010 On Saturday Nov. 27th Former Broad Street Bully Dave "the hammer" Schultz will be on hand to sign autographs and take photos with you. Bring your camera if you plan on a picture with Dave. He will be here from...