Red Wings Rangers HUGE 50 PLAYER Charity Consignment


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Jul 24, 2007
Early post, come back often as this will be the central place for this event.

As many of you know, I have been fortunate to drive the ongoing fundraising efforts for former 1996/97 Stanley Cup Champion Vladimir Konstantinov who was horrifically injured just days after winning the Cup. April 27th will be the Red Wings/Rangers Alumni Game and I will be able to take consignments for all of the players in attendance for a donation. Proceeds to benefit the charities listed on and of course the Vladimir Konstantinov Special Needs Trust.

I am accepting consignments on all of the players below. First price is for cards/flats/picks. 2nd is for jerseys. Given I am flying to Michigan for this event we will not accept anything other than cards, flats, pucks and jerseys. If you send in items other than what was just listed, your package will be returned. Each player has the ultimate right to refuse items but will will do our best to get everything done. Cards/flats will be signed in Blue Sharpie, Pucks in Silver Deco and Jerseys in whatever pen you prefer Blue Sharpie, Black Zebra Marker or Silver Deco. Past events some players do drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

Detroit Red Wings Donation
Vladimir Konstantinov 50/75
Derian Hatcher 20/30
Dino Ciccarelli 20/30
Mickey Redmond 20/30
Red Berenson 20/30
Aaron Ward 10/20
Brad May 10/20
Brent Fedyk 10/20
Danny DeKeyser 10/20
Darren Helm 10/20 - CANCELLED
Darren McCarty 10/20
Drew Miller 10/20
Erik Cole 10/20
Jakub Kindl 10/20 - CANCELLED
Jiri Fischer 10/20 - CANCELLED

John Blum 10/20
Mathieu Dandenault 10/20
Patrick Eaves 10/20
Reed Larson 10/20
Rick Zombo 10/20

New York Rangers Donation
Sean Avery 40/50 - CANCELLED

Ron Duguay 20/30
Bernie Nicholls 15/20
Aaron Voros 10/20
Brian Skrundland 10/20
Chris Tamer 10/20
Corey Potter 10/20
Dale Weise 10/20
Darius Kasparaitus 10/20
Dave Shaw 10/20
John Ogrodnick 10/20
John Scott 10/20
Kelyl Miller 10/20
Kevin Miller 10/20
Matt Hunwick 10/20
Mike Hartman 10/20
Sergio Momesso 10/20
Tim Taylor 10/20
Tom Laidlaw 10/20

Goalies Donation
Henrik Lundqvist 150/250 - CANCELLED

JD Damrath 10/20
Kevin Delamarter 10/20
Manny Legace 10/20
Marc Cormier 10/20
Rob Laurie 10/20
Steve Shields 10/20

IDIOT PROOF YOUR SEND IN ITEMS (Thanks Scott Smith the “S.I. King”)
1) Include something with your item(s) that has your NAME, PHONE #, EMAIL ADDRESS, and ADDRESS in case things are unclear as to how you want things signed.
2) Put a small Post-It on the item with your name and where you want the item signed and the color of marker or pen.

Cash, check or money order to be sent in with your items made payable to SportsGraphing.

Ship your items to SportsGraphing, Alumni Game Signing, PO Box 1245, Millersville, MD 21108.

Return S&H for YOUR ITEMS must be included with your items. SASE rules below.
1-9 cards $8 for USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Tracking
1-4 magazines, photos, or 10+ cards, please add $12 for Priority Mail S&H.
1 Puck $7 S&H. 2 Pucks $9 S&H. Email me if more than 2.
1-2 Jerseys $20 for Priority Mail S&H.

SASE RULES - We will accept a SASE but it MUST have return tracking clearly on your SASE.

Insurance by request. Add $3.50 per $100 value for all insurance. We are is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
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Henrik is no longer attending this event due to a scheduling conflict with his gig at TNT calling the NHL playoff games. Originally when slated his game was a different one from Saturday. Anything sent in will be returned and obviously no money taken.