Corey Koskie 9 Year MLB Vet and 2015 Canadian HOF Inductee Private Signing Feb 17th, 2022


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Jul 24, 2007
Corey Koskie 9 Year MLB Vet and 2015 Canadian HOF Inductee Private Signing Feb 17th, 2022

SportsGraphing is excited to announce our private signing with Corey Koskie. Items/orders must be received no later than 2/14/22.

Koskie was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 1994 Major League Baseball draft, and subsequently made his MLB debut on September 9, 1998. He played 9 seasons before being injured and having a concussion which led to an ongoing post-concussion syndrome that ultimately led to his retirement from MLB. He has a lot of cards over the years and has not signed through the mail in over a decade.


Cards $10

Flats and Balls $15

Inscriptions $5

Large Items - Call

NOTES: All cards/photos will be signed in Blue Sharpie, baseballs in Blue pen unless instructed otherwise.

IDIOT PROOF YOUR SEND IN ITEMS (Thanks Scott Smith the “S.I. King”)

1) Include something with your item(s) that has your NAME, PHONE #, EMAIL ADDRESS, and ADDRESS in case things are unclear as to how you want things signed.

2) Put a small Post-It on the item with your name and where you want the item signed and the color of marker or pen.

3) When requesting an inscription, WRITE IT OUT CLEARLY so it gets done properly.

Cash, check or money order to be sent in with your items made payable to SportsGraphing.

Ship your items to SportsGraphing, KOSKIE SIGNING, PO Box 1245, Millersville, MD 21108.

Return S&H for YOUR ITEMS must be included with your items. SASE rules below.

1-9 cards $4 for USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Tracking

1-4 magazines, photos, or 10+ cards, please add $9.00 for Priority Mail S&H.

1 Baseball $9 S&H. 2 Baseballs $14 S&H. Email me if more than 2.

1-2 Jerseys $20 for Priority Mail S&H.

Bats, cleats or other large items, please add $35 for Priority Mail S&H.

SASE RULES - We will accept a SASE but it MUST have return tracking clearly on your SASE.

Insurance by request. Add $3.50 per $100 value for all insurance. We are is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
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