1. tully420

    Corwin Malone (former White Sox pitching prospect) private signing

    I was recently talking with Corwin and he showed some interest in doing a signing. Don't have prices yet, I'm just looking to see the interest level.
  2. D

    Trevor May Phillies #1 Pitching Prospect Public Signing 9/18

    We have added #1 Phillies Prospect and 201 Phillies Minor League Pitcher of the Year Trevor May to our signings on sunday 9/18. We also have Vance Worley that day in the store. They both will be appearing from 10am-11pm. Autographs are only $5 on any item, this guy will become a future ace...
  3. D

    Manny Banuelos NY Yankees Top Pitching Prospect Signing 5/14/11

    Manny Banuelos NY Yankees Top Pitching Prospect Signing 5/14/11 Oxford Valley Mall Show Levittown PA 10:30-11:30 public You can send your items in as well! Mark Wiesner 221 Burnamwood rd mt laurel nj 08054 $15 per autograph Please send sase or $5 for balls/photos $10 all...
  4. K

    Chris Carpenter (Cubs Pitching Prospect)

    I am doing 50 items with Carpenter, see pricing below: My card(TriStar Prospects) - $8 My photo - $10 My ROMLB - $20 Your item - $8 I will also be getting 4 game used gloves from him, I believe they are all Rawlings. $125 Thanks, Larry
  5. scoreset

    Former Cardinals pitching prospect Donnie Smith--any interest???

    Donnie Smith is a local guy and he is home for the offseason now. JustCrazy and I know Donnie personally and he is more than willing to do a signing for the members of the board. I would like to use this thread to gauge interest to see if it would be worthwhile or not. If you would like...