1. C

    Ken Hodge, Don Awrey, Gary Doak, Brad Park, Dave Cowens, Cedric Maxwell, more

    Upcoming Autograph Guests -- all public signings at my card show at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. Ken Hodge, Don Awrey, Gary Doak, Ronnie Lippett - Memorial Day Brad Park, Jose Santiago, Rawly Eastwick, Billy Conigliaro -- June 15 Dave Cowens, Cedric Maxwell, Christian Fauria -- July...
  2. C

    Hockey HOFer Brad Park, November 25, Mansfield, Mass.

    Hockey Hall of Famer Brad Park will be an autograph guest from 10:30-12:30 at my sports card show on the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 25 at the Holiday Inn (Exit 7A, I-95) in Mansfield, Mass. For all the details including mail order autographs, go to
  3. W

    Brad lidge this sat July 9

    Brad is all set for this sat July 9th at the granite run mall in media He will be signing 10-11. $55 autographs and $10 for inscriptions Sorry no mail order due to demand. 267-980-5544.
  4. W

    June 25th Granite Run Mall Media PA Brad Lidge, Kyle Kendrick,Mayberry JR more

    June 25th 2008 phils Brad Lidge ($55 auto, $10 for inscription) and Kyle Kendrick ($20 with free insciption) (more tba) We are still waiting on a few 2008 Phils to really turn this into a blockbuster. We'd like to thank our friends at AB sports and J&M for helping turn this from a show into...
  5. W

    June Granite Run SHow Brad Lidge and Kyle Kendrick with more SAt June 25th

    We are off to a good start for our June Granite Run Mall Show. Appearing Sat June 25th Brad "Lights Out" Lidge and Kyle Kendrick are set to appear. We are planning on adding several other 2008 Phils to these 2 team members Advance tickets are strongly recommended for Lidge. Last time we...
  6. A

    Brad Lidge/Carlos Ruiz Phillies Private Signings

    NEED ALL ITEMS by SEPT 1. Signing to take place in september. Lidge $40 flats/balls $45 all other items $10 inscriptions Ruiz $40 flats/balls $45 all other items $10 inscriptions SALE - take 1 of each and save $5 We will have 16x20s (and ws 16x20s), ws balls, reg balls...
  7. C

    Bruins/Rangers Brad Park, July 25, Mansfield, Mass.

    Brad Park will be an autograph guest at my big sports card show on Sunday, July 25 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. Mail order autograph on your hockey card, $12 for 1, $9 each additional plus SASE. Mail order autograph on your any other item $15 plus return shipping. Park is a 7 time...
  8. Jwolfer

    Free Brad Lidge signing this saturday

    Brad will be at the franklin mills mall at the army experience center this saturday 5/22 for a q & a session at 11 and an autograph session at noon. Limited autograph tickets will be given out. I'm not sure how many but he will only be signing for an hour.
  9. N

    JC Romero & Brad Lidge at Granite Run Mall, Media PA, June 5

    Some advance autograph tickets are still available for JC Romero, 2008 World Champion Phillies star relief pitcher. However, they are selling very fast! We will save 100 for sale on the day he appears. Price is $26 (add $5 for each inscription). To purchase by paypal go to and...
  10. N

    Granite Run Mall Media PA Show June 4-6 Featuring Brad Lidge

    This show will have many great signers led by 2008 Phils World Champions Brad Lidge, JC Romero and Carlos Ruiz. Advance tickets and mail order for Lidge is sold out. However, 100 tickets will be available on the day of his appearance (June 5). Advance tickets for all other signers are available...
  11. W

    Brad Lidge-Granite Run Mall

    Due to his injury Brad Lidge will be unable to attend our show this weekend (April 17th). He has been 100% confirmed for our June show (June 5th with JC Romero and others TBA). Anyone who bought advance tickets for Lidge has a few options. You can recieve an immediate full refund, you can...