1. F

    Pedro Martinez has been added to the GBSCC show Nov 3

    Looks like Pedro Martinez has been added to the Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club show at Wilmington Shriners Nov 3. Rickey Henderson and Ozzie Smith are also part of the lineup. Sure Shot does a great job of running the autograph guests...
  2. Ballzy

    Vida Blue added

    to Richmond Flying Squirrels hot stove.
  3. W

    Bill Barber added to Granite Run Mall show October 15th-17th, 2010

    NHL Hall of Famer and Broad Street Bully, member of the 1974-75 Stanley Cup Flyers, Bill Barber has been added to our show (appearing Saturday) at Granite Run Mall October 15-17, 2010... also appearing at the show: John LeClair (Friday night October 15th), Stanley Cup Champs--Don Saleski...
  4. W

    Flyers John LeClair has just been added to our SHOW in October see below

    Granite Run Mall 1067 W. Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19067 October 15, 16, 17 2010 5 Time All Star, Legion of Doom member, and USA Hockey Hall of Famer John LeClair is going to appear at our Granite...
  5. R

    ryan o'malley, jeremy hellickson added free signers at iowa cub's fan fest

    jeremy hellickson(des moines native and d rays prospect) and ryan o'malley(cubs propect) have been added as free signers at iowa cubs fan fest. hope they have more guy's than this, but it is a good start
  6. justinj31

    Alex Gordon added to Tristar show in kansas10/6

    tristar has added Alex Gordon to there line up on Friday nite 10/6/06 ALEX GORDON Friday 6:00 p.m. Royals Future Star 3B '05 #1 Draft Pick, 2nd Overall One of the Top Prospects in Baseball REGULAR $25 PREMIUM $35 - No inscriptions PHOTO OPP $25
  7. MetsFan4Life

    Reggie Bush added to West Coast Sports Show

    Along with the baseball, football, etc guests already announced for next weekend , Reggie Bush will be signing next Sunday. Prices and info are on the site but looking at ot quick, it looks like he starts at $100 a pop. You can order till the 8th.