1. Skizzick

    Philadelphia Flyers Trial on the Isle- July 8th

    Trial on the Isle - Philadelphia Flyers - Community Looks like it is actually worth going this year. Schenn, Couturier, Lapierre, and Darien Hatcher are scheduled to appear.
  2. S

    Joe Montana Private Signing! - Aug 8th -

    Flats Up to & Including 11x14 and Cards - $68 Mini Helmets, Footballs & Flats Larger than 11x14 - $85 Full Size Helmets & Jerseys - $120 Inscriptions are $55 and Joe has to right to refuse any insc request. ( i know its high sorry I tried LOL) I need all items and payment in hand by...
  3. J

    Andre Johnson Community Day May 8th

    Steve SLaton posted on Twitter anybody in Miam come out May 8th to Andre Johnson Community Day at Buccaneer Park. Not sure if either of them would be there but I would think so. If anybody could do Johnson I'd pay or be willing to trade
  4. A

    Robin Roberts Private Signing May 8th!

    ROBIN ROBERTS PRIVATE SIGNING - MAY 8th Phillies legend and Hofer. I personally spoke to him this morning on the phone. Costs are below: $29 balls and flats $49 all other items $5 inscriptions. I need all items by May 1 so i can give him a number and prep all the items...
  5. kgitch

    Bucky Dent at Tampa Yanks Game August 8th

    I can't make it, but Bucky Dent will be signing at the Tampa Yankees game August 8th 6-7pm. Tampa Yankees: News: Article
  6. jdub19999

    Nebraska Cornhuskers Fan Day - August 8th

    The Huskers are having there annual Fan Day Saturday, August 8th. Good chance to get Big 12 Preseason Defensive Player of the Year and projected Sporting News #1 pick Ndamukong Suh. Football Fan Day Set for August 8 - Huskers.com—Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
  7. O

    Whitey Ford Private signing March 8th

    APPROVED BY ALAN - 01/17/2009 March 8th signing Whitey Ford Your Items Baseball Card $58 + S.A.S.E. Ball/Flat (up to 8x10) $60 + S.A.S.E. Oversized Flat/ Premium $70 + S.A.S.E. Bat/Jersey...
  8. rrussou812

    Eric Metcalf & James Brown Sept 8th (Austin, TX area)

    ESPN invites you to celebrate the launch of College Gameday Apparel and meet Pro Bowl RB/WR Eric Metcalf, exclusively at JCPenney Lakeline Mall. DATE: Saturday, September 8th TIME: 11am - 1pm LOCATION: JCPenney, Lakeline Mall 11200 Lakeline Mall Dr. Cedarpark, TX 78613 ESPN...